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May 22, 2015
The importance of having your own app
June 9, 2015

As if there were not enough great reasons already, another reason to build a mobile app is customer loyalty. There are so many ways that companies are getting their message across – coupons, websites, web banners, Facebook ads, email marketing, to name but a few – the impact of these types of marketing is slowly losing its impact. Why? Because of the immense amount of it that surrounds us. Everywhere you look and everything you look at, there is advertising all around us.

It’s time to go back to the old ways of making a sincere connection with your customers.

Apps create a great gateway for customer loyalty – why not make them love your product or service? Give them incentives to stay with you, make these incentives available only through your app and in the process, give them something that makes them feel special and valued. With “push” notifications, you can send messages that include special deals and discounts that only a user of your app will see – the message pops up, right here on their phone whether they have the app open or not.

Having your own app is a brilliant way of increasing customer loyalty by staying closer to your customers as you are only a fingertip away at all times.


Customer Loyality Mobile App

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