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July 11, 2015
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Sales apps are not all about pushing products on to potential clients, but about building your brand, adding value, gaining useful customer insights and creating intelligent marketing data that is current and can be used time and time again.

1) Brand Awareness

Having your own app creates credibility and if done correctly can win you lifelong customers by building relationships with your target audience. In this world of speed and ease of use, apps are frequently being installed in favour of mobile website versions. This is because they are especially designed with the device in mind and not a one size fits all. Apps also have two distinct advantages over websites; firstly they are installed onto the user’s mobile device, so your brand is always visible (see article on “Why your company needs a mobile app”) and secondly because they are designed specifically for the devices, they are much more user friendly (microscopic mobile web text anyone?) with the ability to access the devices functions - cameras, calendars, location and other apps – at the touch of a button, this makes the whole process for the consumer much slicker.

2) Intelligent Marketing

Big high street brands are starting to capitalise on their app’s CMS and leveraging the in-app capabilities, with most well know companies having at least one app. However, these kind of apps are not just for ‘the big boys’ as many businesses are starting see the benefits of intelligent app marketing. By fully integrating your sales app with your marketing efforts, not only can you gain increased interaction with you brand by using functions like push notifications, adding QR codes on printed or physical marketing items and leveraging your social media channels, you also gain very valuable and insightful intelligent data to allow you to see who has viewed/favoured/ordered what and when. With the integration of this information into your own sales and marketing funnel you can intelligently send relevant (and timely) notifications that add value to your clients and to your profits.

3) Tempting Offers

Another awesome reason to have an app that is congruent to your sales and marketing efforts is to have an app that gives your clients special offers, pre-launch dates, sneak product previews, loyalty options, etc, that are only available via your app, thus cutting out your competition and keeping you at the cutting edge and the forefront of your consumer's mind.
Some things that we are currently being seen used are:
  • Accessing the location services on their devices, retailers can use location based messaging to push special offers, for example 10% off voucher whenever a customer is 100 metres from the store.
  • Pre-launch product reviews (videos/articles/images) being pushed directly to the consumer device
  • Loyalty card options that give the user additional discounts or freebies without the end user having to carry yet another card in their wallets. These are being activated a number of ways from purchase history, scanning or by simply tying their app to their account via their mobile number.
  • Notifications and invites to launches and exhibitions, with the ability to both remind the consumer and to add it to their diary.


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