Great iPad uses – Sales App
October 31, 2012
Great iPad Uses -Trade Shows
November 20, 2012

Why are iPad Publications fantastic for Year End Reports?

The key question here is: What does it mean to your stakeholders? What are the benefits to them?

In two short words: Involvement and understanding.

With the growing mobile communication market, why not follow the likes of GE and have your year end round up delivered directly to their phones or tablets in the form of iPad Publications? Having your own company’s Financials App will allow you to present a better message than a printed brochure because of its versatile nature.

But don’t let the figures do all the talking.

By creating a Financials App you can bring to life your company’s past, present and future by incorporating videos, write-ups, slide shows and other interactive elements to introduce your key members, showcase your latest developments and share the company’s visions for the future whilst still having plenty of room for those all important financial reports.

Increase your market share. Make you stakeholders feel valued and involved.

Enquire today about creating your own Financials App

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