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April 12, 2013
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Can iPad Publications overcome common trade show problems?

iPad Publications – can they really help? Is there a better way to generate new business at trade shows and events than the old traditional method?

Three of the most common problems faced by an exhibitor can be broken down to:

  • Getting people into the stand
  • Keeping customer attention
  • Being remembered

This has always been the challenge for every exhibitor and there have been a few clever ideas and gimmicks used over the years, but these are often expensive and very time consuming to do.

Do we really need to spend that much time, money and effort or we should simply look at what attracts people by looking at how our brains work and take advantage of readily available technology (tablet and iPad Publications) to help overcome these obstacles?

The problem: Traditionally a trade show stand will have print, in the form of brochures and banners, and in recent years video showreels have also been used to draw potential customers in and engage them. However, everyone’s brain is wired for three senses: Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic and not one of the traditional mediums engage all three senses.

This is where iPad Publications can really provide a solution and excel over the other options because:

  1. Your standard corporate print brochure will satisfy visual, and if (and we mean if) of good quality material will give a positive kinaesthetic/touch experience, but it does not engage the third sense – there is no sound. So what often happens is a potential customer will come in and grab a printed item, then leave before you get a chance to speak to them…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  .
  2. Video is an excellent way to visually and audibly demonstrate all aspects of your company and its products and services.  Unfortunately people’s attention span is short without other interactions (kinaesthetic aspect) therefore it is unlikely that you will be able to get a prospect to watch any more than a couple of minutes of good quality video before their attention span starts to wander.  Although an excellent demonstration tool, if you interrupt your prospect whilst watching your video, you are unlikely to get the best out of either your prospect or your video!

iPad publications by their very nature engage all three of our senses by combining the best aspects of your print and video elements and makes the prospect feel in control of his experience by allowing him to explore your products in depth in a manner he feels of relevance to him.

Because you have given your prospects this flexibly and control, they can become fully engaged and will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your products to their full advantage by combining great content, interactive graphics, stunning pictures and video in one easy to use iPad Publication.

This will naturally increase their time in the booth and opportunity for you to build trust and rapport with them and establish an open dialogue.

With all of the above happening, the likelihood of being NOT remembered after the show will be slim. Which we all know will increase your chances of trade show success aka obtaining new clients.

To answer the original question of  “Can iPad Publications really help?” I believe the answer is “yes” because iPad Publications help overcome these obstacles by engaging all of our three main senses and peaking our natural curiosity with its fun, interactive elements whilst allowing companies to their deliver message with a powerful punch.

For further details on how your company could draw in new customers with your very own iPad Publication, call us on 01494 881722 or click here.

Blog by Jenni Biggs

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