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November 20, 2012
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January 10, 2013

Great iPad Uses #4: iPads have great potential to enhance events, exhibitions and conferences. They offer new and exciting ways to engage with audiences, launch products and share presentations. Take a look at these three examples for inspiration on how to include iPads at your next event or conference.

1) Using custom-made iPad apps The first great iPad use is custom-made apps can be tailored exclusively to your conference and therefore making it easier to achieve the three main objectives of any event – information, activation and motivation. For example, at a launch for BMW, iPads equipped with three specifically designed iPad publication apps and were used to give an in-depth look at all the car’s details. Guests could see and interact with all the features and benefits directly from their iPad.

2) Introduce your new Sales App at events The second great iPad use is that Pad Apps make excellent sales tools, and what better way to introduce them to your team than at your conference. Why not follow the example of Freightliner who had a touch screen replica iPad to demonstrate their innovative custom-made app for their dealerships? In this great iPad use, they created a 52-inch replica, which was used by executives at the conference. Their app was developed to help Freightliner dealers interact with potential customers, assisting their sales teams by showing their customers precise truck specifications and make adjustments to the details in real time. The giant iPad became the event itself.

3) Presenting with iPads Another great iPad use is based upon the portability and HD screens on iPads make them ideal for presenting on the move. The flexibility of both the Apps and the iPad they allow you sit down with your client and guide them through the presentation or you can turn your iPad sales app into the perfect conference tool by simply clipping into the conference’s projector. With its full range of functions at the touch of the presenter’s finger tips your company can engage your prospective audience with the same ease as a one-to-one presentation can. iPad presentation technology was used to give a major multi-national finance house the creative edge at a trade event. By using iPads at events meant sales teams could show presentations to visitors up-close and move easily between slides. Even late-stage presentation changes weren’t a problem. Using a mini Wi-Fi network and file sharing technology meant updates could be made quickly across all the iPads at the event. Plus, each iPad was configured to an email account. This meant visitors interested in receiving more information could be emailed with relevant documents straight away. For other great iPad uses click here or to see how you can use the Sales App to your advantage click here

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