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Can Trade Show Apps Overcome Common Trade Show Problems?

Trade Show Apps can they really help?

Is there a better way to generate new business at trade shows and events than the old traditional methods?

What is the challenge?

Three of the most common problems faced by an exhibitor can be broken down to:

  • Getting people into the stand
  • Keeping customer attention
  • Being remembered

This has always been the challenge for every exhibitor and there have been a few clever ideas and gimmicks used over the years, but successful ones are often expensive and very time consuming to do. The question now is do we really need to spend that much time, money and effort on traditional methods or we should think about at what attracts people by looking at how our brains work and take advantage of readily available newer technology to help overcome these obstacles? As we all know traditionally a trade show stand will have print, in the form of brochures and banners, and in recent years video showreels have also been used to draw potential customers in and engage them. However, everyone’s brain is wired for five senses with Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic being the top three. However these the traditional mediums do not engage all three senses. So exhibitors often fill the gap with something we can touch or taste. At a recent Trade Show I attended that included drinks, keyrings, USB sticks, a pix-a-mix, lego and a Krypton Factor style “hit-the-lighted-button” board with the top 5 scorers being the staff on the stand!

Potential Solution?

Bridging this gap is, as always, trial and error with some things working better than others, and even different countries can yield hugely different results to the same item. However, what if you could combine your printed material and your video footage? Add in 3D imagery or virtual tours that your customers could explore? What if you could draw them into your booth for more than a few seconds and capture their data? This is where Trade Show Apps or iPublications can really provide a solution, and we are not talking PDF flip brochures, but custom made high quality apps which are designed to work on your team’s iPads or tablets, that can take your flat trade show brochure and create an exciting exploration of your products and services by incorporating all of your assets from stunning photographs to video, flat text to 3D interactions all the way to in-depth imagery and virtual tours! Because you have given your prospects variety and flexibly of what they want to view, they can become fully engaged with what is in front of them and this in turn will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your products to their full advantage by combining great content, interactive graphics, stunning pictures and video in one easy-to-use iPublication. Another benefit of the Trade Show Apps or iPublication is it will naturally increase their time in the booth and opportunity for your team to build trust and rapport with them and establish an open dialogue. With all of the above happening, the last common challenge of the trade show is addressed; the likelihood of being NOT remembered after the show will be slim. Which we all know will increase your chances of trade show success aka obtaining new clients.


I believe the answer is “yes” to answer the original question of “Can Trade Show Apps really help?” because iPublications (trade show apps) help overcome these obstacles by engaging all of our three main senses and peaking our natural curiosity with its fun, interactive elements whilst allowing companies to their deliver message with a powerful punch. It doesn’t mean we should all ditch our brochures, stop handouts or our fun “other ideas” to draw people in. Trade Show Apps and  iPublications neatly compliment, and in some cases excel, over these methods. Its thinking about moving with the times, keep things exciting but still familiar and using technology to its true potential and give you the competitive edge.   Final thought: I know I mentioned some of the companies at the Trade Show and their attempt with engaging more than two of our senses, but sadly I remembered the “gimmicks”, but not their names or what they exactly did – if only they had something a little more on their stand to hold my attention, to make me come involved with their product and for me to remember them over all those other stands, I too could have been a potential client or partner for them.

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