Your members and visitors use their mobile devices. Alot. Capture this rapidly growing market with your especially designed club app. Our elite golf club apps are developed exactly to your specification which gives you the complete freedom to chose what functions that you personally would like to have.

Club Information
From opening times and useful contacts to the course itself
Members Login Area
Exclusive area where they can access priority bookings, loyalty cards, etc
Course Details
From flyovers to designer details. Entice new clientele with your captivating courses
Weather Data
Rain or shine? Wind or snow? An up to date forecast is what every golfer needs to know
Tee Booking
Let your members and visitors connect into your booking system, making the process quick, easy and efficient
GPS Location
Ever wanted to know how far you were from the hole? By using your app, now you (and your clientele) can.
Make lost pencils and crumpled bits of paper a thing from the past with instantly updatable scorecards
Golf Course Apps
Social Networking
What better way to enhance your social media by letting your members connect and promote you at the same time


With our bespoke golf club apps you can make your courses the true showcase of your club. There are many different features you can incorporate into your Course App.
Previous golf club apps have included some or all of the following features:
Course Information
Everything from overall course map, to distance of each hole including the PAR number, to its history and/or course designer can be usefully incorporated for your members and visitors.
From eye catching photographs of each fairway or green to dynamic video flyovers of the whole course, every image is specifically optimised for both Android and iOS, with the added bonus of any video elements can be used in your YouTube's marketing campaigns.
Photographs are not the only way to go. Many course owners have a combination of course photos and detailed illustrations showing the lie of the land in their golf club app.
Pro Tips
Adding in a little section of your inhouse professional's advice, is a nice touch, bring both useful information, plus quietly advertising your Pro's services within your golf club app itself.
Our golf club apps are capable of accessing the device's built in functions, like GPS and camera. This means that they can see how far they are from the hole or take photos enjoying your courses that you can then use for marketing and the all important social interaction.



Publicise your events with your golf club app. With our flexible app development you have the freedom to promote your events, post to the front page, push notifications, add dates to their calendars and direct golfers to your booking system.

Venue Hire

Not just a golf club? Do you have grand halls and beautiful backdrops for weddings or stylish conference rooms for the discerning corporations or a luxury hotel with a relaxing day spa?
With our team you can maximise cross promotion, we can create both grace and style to your golf club app, capturing the very essence of your club and all its offerings allowing a closer connection with your guests and a just like the event side, we can link your golf club app to your other sales and marketing activities.


Apps are wonderful advertising boards with many clients speaking with their sponsors to also give them the opportunity to have their name featured in the apps too. Some clients even sell out specially designated pages for the sponsors where they can have offers, information about their companies and even web links to their own corporate site. Who says your golf club app only has to generate revenue from one source?


With Advanced Digital's sister site Golf2Win specialising in creating apps for the golfing industry and Advanced Digital's specialities being top end corporate clientele, it give us a perfect combination of skills.
We understand the passion and respect the tradition of golf and from the corporate end of the business we know what sits with your clientele; from features and functions they would find beneficial right down to the image and how the app show look and feel.
Our experienced team of Apple Certified Developers have proven experience in golf apps which means that having your own branded app couldn't be easier.
With Advanced Digital's flexible design studio we can create specifically to your preferences and because we are content creation specialists our team can create everything you need or we can use your own favourite images and videos


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