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April 16, 2015
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Harley Davidson

The release of Harley Davidson updates comes to us every year.

And every year we are asked the same question… How quick can it be done?

With turnaround timescales sometimes being as short as a couple of hours, our supreme project management skills come into play.

We put in place the simple but effective procedure:

1) Artwork created and approved in advance

2) The discs pre-printed ready to go

3) The outbound courier booked upon arrival of client assets

4) Resources set aside for the conversion, authoring and duplication of these updates

5) Kept client informed throughout

Having an excellent relationship with our client enables us to coordinate this swiftly and with the minimum of fuss.

Other clients that have taken advantage of our superb organisational skills, super quick turnaround times and premium quality end results include releases for Estee Lauder (DVD), ESPN (DVD), Haagen Danz (DVD), Panasonic (Bluray) and Toshiba (Bluray).