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September 11, 2013
Can Trade Show Apps Overcome Common Trade Show Problems?
February 18, 2015

As already mentioned, there are many, many uses for iPad publishing from interactive reference material to sales apps, to mention but a few. A current large project that we are working on is a golf tuition app for beginners and game improvers.

Advanced Digital are providing full photography and video/post production facilities for static pictures and video tutorial content, to provide a fluid and high impact, easy to follow app for golf beginners. We are coding all custom interactive graphics, HTML 5 and jQuery elements in-house.

Such interactive elements give the user an in depth insight into the intricacies and mechanics of golf, with 3D representations of club grip, for example, with multiple hotspots that include touch points with video and picture/text popup windows for additional information.

Because the iPad is such a flexible platform for publishing with unlimited marketing potential, the beginners version of the golf tutorial app will be the first of its kind for levels of interactivity, providing a complete package for the golf beginner.

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