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October 13, 2015
Don’t Get Left Behind
January 24, 2017

With 85% in favour of mobile applications, the growth of “M-Commerce” will surely take over the current trend of doing business. The current eCommerce business has moved into developing apps as most of the population is now using the internet via the mobile phone. And this is something that businesses all sizes should take note and plan for the future.

Many of the savvy business have already built mobile responsive websites; which is an excellent start because without one Google will penalise you in the searches; and research has also shown a very high percentage of smartphone users will not return back to your site if it is not mobile friendly.

However, as you can see from the mobile app revenue statistics, having a mobile responsive website is the very minimum requirement. If you are not offering an app for your retail business or club, you are missing out on a very rapidly rising revenue stream.

Worldwide Mobile App Revenues


As a creative director of app development, I have lost count how many times I have heard “but I have a mobile website, I don’t need an app”, and this often comes down to the speaker not understanding the difference in the roles that app play and what they mean to their target market.

And this is very crucial because websites and apps are not interchangeable. Although there are areas where they overlap, they have very different functions.

For example,

  • Most people will find your business via your website
  • Your website is an excellent place for in depth details
  • Apps are great for retention and repeat (paying) business
  • Used correctly, apps are great communication devices and can build strong relationships with your target audience

As you can see from both of the above graphs, apps are great for reaching out and speaking to your audience, making their life easier, enabling them to do things faster and giving them a better user experience over mobile websites.

So whether you are a fan of new technology or not, apps are here to stay, used by many and are serious contenders in the business world. Isn’t it time your business looked at investing in these powerful business tools?

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