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June 11, 2015
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What makes you stop and take notice? How about Augmented Reality?

It is safe to assume that our lives are now blending nicely with technology and our expectations for interaction are already quite high and growing all the time.

We have our wireless home technology such as smoke alarms, cameras, music systems and even thermostats to control the heating with our wearable tech – the smart watch.  Great technology is all around us.

So what about in business? How can we utilize this amazing, futuristic technology in a way that can engage our audience and give us a return on investment where we can track and analyse the behavior of our customers?

How can we make something come alive and literally jump out in front of you, something that will capture your attention and get the juices flowing?

How about Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR, has been around for quite a few years now and has been maturing quite nicely, giving developers great flexibility to build digital worlds that are overlaid onto the real world, accessible via your tablet or smartphone, in real time. AR is an under-used technology and can easily be described as the flip side of Virtual Reality.

AR has enabled us to find new ways of interacting and engaging with our audience. It is a tool for creating incredible visuals, placing products, vehicles, buildings and much more directly into the hands of your audience (like in the Ikea advert).

Take explanation and interaction to a new level in more effective ways for example, placing a new (virtual) vehicle in your customers home and let them choose bespoke options, seeing the car inside and out, manipulating it with their fingers, changing the colour, opening the doors… or zooming into a new build house, lifting the roof off of it and literally moving around inside the rooms. So much is possible, driven by your imagination.

So, some amazing things can be created with AR. The technology is really slick and impressive but what about the back end benefits that are sometimes missed?

Aside from getting your audience to interact with your brand or product, you can encourage people to interact with your social networks (or theirs) within the AR program, with games or puzzles that contain embedded links, activating new and exciting product extras, for example.

An AR app can contain a full tracking setup with analytical insights and user information being able to be collated for use in future marketing.

If you are looking for something that will impress and engage your audience while giving great interaction AND provide you with essential information on your customers, maybe you should contact us on 01494 881722 to see how Augmented Reality or any of our other App development services could help you.

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