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June 9, 2015
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Alternative to print? Here’s why iBrochures are changing the landscape

First things first – what are they?

iBrochures are especially created interactive digital versions of your printed brochures designed to maximise your company’s exposure and sales.  These include things like product catalogues, prospectuses and sales brochures.

At the budget end of the market this is what we know as flip brochures or digital (static) magazines which can be as basic as a PDF or put into a package that creates a digital eBook.

The productive retail end of the market is the app based iBrochures that are designed to maximise user experience and have a greater impact on their targeted customers, thus in turn making it a tool that combines both market and sales with data capture.


What can App iBrochures do?

Bespoke app based iBrochures can be extremely cost effective, especially when you compare what else they can do above and beyond the static printed or PDF version of brochures.

  1. Not Just Print – They can bring your catalogues to life and enable customers to view videos, slideshows, virtual tours and product demonstrations.
  2. Instantly Updatable – You can upload new products and price lists as they come to market, no waiting until the next season’s catalogue.
  3. Record Data – Have a version created that will enable you to see what’s been viewed, when and by whom.
  4. Increase Sales  – Not just by using data capture effectively, also by using push notifications you can let your customers know when new products are out or the sales are on!
  5. Time Effective – Instantly downloadable and no waiting on additional print run updates because they never run out.
  6. Easy Distribution – no weighty parcels to go out, your download button or link can be added to all of your marketing from emails to company website to print to social media.
  7. No Misplaced Catalogues – Once the App is on their device, it is at their fingertips. Even if they change devices, it will be stored in their personal cloud ready for downloading.
  8. Environmental Friendly – Less printed items means that less trees cut and reduction in other carbon footprint factors. The bonus is that you also save in your pocket with no wastage in overprinting or disposing of out of date issues.

As with every industry there is a place for everything, therefore I am not suggesting that iBrochures should completely replace print, but with their flexibility, added benefits and cost effectiveness, in this competitive marketplace, isn’t it time your company invested in your own?

Contact us on 01494 881772 for bespoke advice and see how app iBrochures can transform your business landscape or send us a quick email and we will get right back to you.




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