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Following the release of the Apple Watch, app developers are rushing around trying to find new ways of exploiting the technology to increase the desire to own one.

Currently, desire is the main reason to own one. Yes, it is useful to get your messages and emails to appear on your wrist, taking away the need to pull your phone from your pocket but this is certainly no killer feature. Actually, after having worn one for nearly a week, I can safely say that there is nothing “killer” about the watch. It looks great, does a few things in an OK way but it is not anything new or amazing.

But this is not a review of the Apple Watch.

I feel that the Apple Watch is a great “quick fix” device. It makes an excellent accessory to your iPhone but ultimately it is something designed to give you quick snapshots of information. With this in mind, I don’t think people who invest in the watch will be disappointed. I also think it is an ideal platform for Advanced Digital to port our golf app Golf2Win to. Because the watch is an immediate-access device, quick tips and short tuition glances would be perfect for it. The watch app would be an excellent companion to the full Golf2Win iPhone app, negating the need to remove your iPhone from your pocket or golf bag.

We will begin to port condensed parts of the main app and convert them into a format that is useful and snappy, highly accessible and helpful.

Keep a look out for Golf2Win for the Apple Watch on the App Store in the near future!

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