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March 1, 2013
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May 3, 2013

There are many iPad publications myths out there preventing many companies owning one of these sales enhancing tools. Don’t be fooled – see how easy and cost effective it is when you speak to the right people – we will even give you a free sample of  your own iPad Publication (see further down for details).

Myth 1 – iPad publications are expensive

Truth:  Many iPad publications are created at a price lesser to their printed counter parts, especially with larger print runs. Other obvious benefits are:

  • Downloadable as many times as needed at no extra cost to yourself
  • Have a greater reach than print
  • Potential customers can have the information instantly
  • Once the App is on their iPad, they will not be misplacing or forgetting the web address

Myth 2 – They are time-consuming and you have to be very technically minded

Truth: With all excellent sales tools, to create a truly effective, eye-catching and award winning masterpiece, time and effort is always required.  However; because iPad Publishing Apps combine the very best aspects of your print and media, which are already created, the time and effort required is minimised.  All you need to do is decide what aspects you wish to have in there.

By choosing an iPad Publication specialist to create your brochure, they can guide you on how to maximise your potential, create all the necessary imagery and project manage it for you.

Myth 3 – Only Agencies can handle creating iPad Publications

Truth: As with many aspects of projects, many agencies outsource your work to specialists.  Going direct will enable you to benefit by talking directly to the creative’s responsible for your finished product and will save you the middleman costs.

If you can say yes to two or more of the questions below, then having your own iPad Publication can be very cost effective sales tool.

Do you already have a print-ready item? (brochure, Powerpoint/Keynote slides, etc)

Do you already have appropriate illustrations or photos?

Do you already have corporate or product demonstration videos?

Do you wish to own stylish, high class brochure that will be owned and reviewed for years?

Even if you do have a few gaps or would like new material, our 26 years of experience in the media creation industry enable us to be able to take care of all aspects of iPad publication creation and project manage it on your behalf.

See firsthand how your corporate or sales brochure could be enhanced.

Because we are specialists who truly know how to create interactive corporate brochures, we can show you firsthand what your very own stunning interactive masterpiece would look like.

Send us a pdf of your current material and, completely free of charge, we will give you a full consultation to understand your desired look and feel. From this we will create a couple of interactive pages to demonstrate the potential of your brochure.

There is no obligation to purchase and even if it is not for you; the advice about how your media can be best used may benefit you in other areas of your business.

For further details or a quick informal chat, contact us on 01494 881722.


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