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January 4, 2013
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Are video companies missing out on the iPad market?

Are you missing out on the iPad Market? The iPad market and the next generation tablets have hit the market running with over a 700% increase in sales in the last quarter and the boom is only going to continue due to tablets versatile usability, but are the video and production companies capitalising on this expanding area?  It appears that they currently are not and according TechnoBufflo with 91% of professional users now using iPads for work and with sales in Apps predicted to hit $8 billion in the next 3 years they are potentially missing out on the iPad market.

The iPad has revolutionised the way we view, sell and purchase things.  This applies to both the commercial and domestic worlds. No longer do clients want two-dimensional products nor do they want to go searching for clips and further information on different platforms.

Video and production companies have been quick to utilise the rapidly expanding platform delivery of the web and of You Tube and Vimeo, with many companies either offering to upload directly for their clients or partnering with a company that can do this for them.

The problem seems that the route to market is not always obvious and can seem daunting.  However, PR, marketing and publishing houses are starting to cash in on the iPad versatility by outsourcing the App creation to companies in the same manner that the video and production companies have teamed up with web developers.

With iPad App publishers keen partner with source clients, this new market should be viewed as an exciting new opportunity for video and production companies to team up with them.

To educate clients, sources of inspiration can be found all over Apple’s App store in the form of free downloadable company Apps ranging from financial statistics, product brochures, sales catalogues and magazines.  All of which use video and graphics as a core selling element.

How we can help?

Advanced Digital Limited, a certified Apple developer, understands that this is a relatively new area for such businesses and has created a whole host of tools which video and production companies can use, unbranded, to aid the education of their clients and plus many articles to generate ideas upon how to capitalise upon iPad’s popularity. With three different ways to collaborate with them, video and production companies can choose the method that suits them best.

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