Why we have 100% satisfaction rate with Bluray / DVD authoring and media conversions

Our satisfied  Blu-ray / DVD authoring, media conversion and duplication clients include ESPN, Simply Media, South Bank Gallery, Haagen-Dazs, HSBC, UAE Expo, VICE, Ernst & Young, plus many others.

And this is why:

Our ten step foolproof 100% Satisfaction Plan

1)  Our very talented media experts will call you personally to discuss what you would like and give you free outline plan of your Bluray / DVD authoring or media conversion project with a no obligation price.

Once approved, simply send us your assets and from receipt of your original master and artwork images we:

2)  First check the quality of the images and assets – looking at the dpi and bit rate quality, plus we scan for any obvious errors i.e. spelling or glitch in the asset.

3)  We then let you know of the safe arrival and outcome of our initial testing; advising you if anything needs altering or replacing.

4)  Next we create graphics (or use your supplied artwork) and make your menus structures, working exactly to your plan.

5)  This is then emailed over to you for your approval.  Should you wish to have any adjustments, we do this at no extra charge – getting it right for you is vitally important.

6)  Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the menu element it is time to move on and convert your assets into the correct form. From this we create your new master, build menus and author a gold master.

7)  Once the initial DVD is authored, next we thoroughly test its playability on various screens and players checking for: [circle_list]

  • Smooth movement/panning
  • Chapter flow
  • Bit rate compatibility
  • Both visuals and audio synchronise
  • And it functions as it should!


8)  We then put the master through one of our many duplicators to do a bit-by-bit verification to ensure complete integrity of the master.

9)  Only when we are satisfied that everything looks and behaves as it should, you will then be sent a copy for your approval.

10) We receive your approval and then immediately finalise the master and upload it directly to the manufacturers on your behalf.

This is why we have 100% satisfaction rate.

Note: You do not need to pay anything until step 10 – so you can be GUARANTEED you will only be paying for something you are 100% happy with!

Call us on 01494 881722 to have your disc perfectly converted, mastered and authored to your satisfaction.

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