Event Apps
Instant answers
Automatically collect results in real time and push to your screen.
Event Apps
Interact as much as you like
With quizzes, multiple choices, slideshows, pop-ups and videos.
Event Apps
Use tools you know and love
Use pointers, clickers, screens and next buttons to move smoothly through
Event Apps
Our developers at your service
Expert engineers can provide hands-on coaching to get you started.



Not just another web app
Don't compromise with some half way house event app. Ensure your event's success and smooth running of the event it apps that are designed to run in all native languages. With our bespoke apps it means that there are no half measure, no compromises and no exclusions!
Maximising branding and sponsorship
Perfect branding solution, complete with personalised backgrounds to suit your clients' theme and company image. Enhance the appeal of your event by being able to offer fully customisable options for the sponsors.
Not a one hit wonder
When we design you an event app - it's for life. Our apps are designed to be used time and time again. With our unique bolt-on system you can have additional modules created specifically to your requirements at a fraction of the cost of a new app.
Event Apps
PowerPoint Integration
Don't sit behind the scenes with two laptops have apps that seamlessly integrate together
Event Apps
Instant Viewing
Use our push system to instantly see how your app will look on any device
Event Apps
Need last minute changes?
No a problem! Just make the change in your database and 'voila!' done.
Event Apps
Not just for the day
We excel at creating lifelong partnerships and our apps are no different



Connecting with your customers
From data collection to instantly bringing your products to life our range of trade show apps help you maximise your ROI at any show.
Attracting attention
In the busy hum of a trade show, how do you standout? Join the many corporations that convert their corporate brochure into something that deserves a second look. With options including beaming the content onto the stand's walls, augmented reality, 3D imagery and the neat ability to send it directly to their mobile devices.
Make your app a trade show stopper call us on 01494 881722



The perfect networking tool
Bring your event or exhibition delegates together with the "who's who" app. Let them know who is on the next table; what each company specialises in. Make the world that little more closer. This clever app is perfect for awards and ceremonies
Taking centre stage
What better way to launch your new product than with its own table centerpiece app? Beautifully designed and content rich, our apps bring to life any product launch with stunning imagery, imaginative interactions, vibrant videos and augmented reality.
Bringing pictures to life
From talking heads to showing how the end product came about, Advanced Digital creates smart educational apps to inspire, amaze and inform people of all ages at museums, exhibitions and events.
Event Apps
Multiple choices
Our apps come with the built in freedom to exhibit your way
Event Apps
Creating visions
Bring your subjects to life with animations, videos and much more
Event Apps
Places you love
Putting your exhibition on the map with apps that educate for the causes you care about
Event Apps
Tailored to you
Bespoke apps are easy with the expert creators at your service


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