To create a highly interactive guide to playing golf for beginners and improvers for iOS. This app must contain all the information that a book has, but without being two dimensional or have large of blocks of text. It must be interactive, filled with demonstrations and key pieces of information presented in a clear concise way. This app was headed up by Golf Monthly's top 25 coach Kevin Craggs.


A self contained iOS app was selected because once it is down loaded the guide could then be taken anywhere with them. This included going on holiday and out on the golf course.

Because of the completely different layout of the two different devices (iPad and iPhone), it was decided that two apps, containing the same content, but designed specifically for each device would created to ensure the optimum user experience.

And here's how we did it:

Story Board

Working with the NIKE sponsored coach we created an outline as to what areas we needed to cover in a tuition app for beginners.
He then sent us his articles and his photographer sent over images that he had taken over the past 10-15 years of Kevin's career.


The first task was to sift through thousands of photos and dozens of tips and tutorials to find the relevant images and articles that matched against the storyboard.
Some of the articles were not in his photographer’s portfolio and we liaised with the two major golfing magazines to get high resolution photos of these tutorials.
Despite the vast amount of photographs give by the photographer we found that in certain parts of the app we were still short and that we organised additional photos to be taken with Kevin for close up images.

Content Writing

Even with his articles, there were still areas of the storyboard without written content.  We researched the content, wrote articles and passed to him for his review.
To keep things appealing to the eye we had to ensure each box of text was approximately the same number of lines.  This entailed us bulking or trimming where needed.  Again this was sent for his review.


For the video aspect of the app Kevin wanted completely new footage.  We organised the camera crew and flew up to Scotland to shoot him on his home course.  We then came away with the footage, cut, edited and light balanced it.


The fitness section of the app required the hiring of a fitness model, selecting of exercises and photography.
Once the photos had been taken our team then went through the selection process. The fitness section required an animated slideshow for each exercise with at least 4 different photos to make up the single exercise.
To make these images all smooth and no movement of the background, every single selected image of the model was traced around and placed onto the background.
Even though we have been provided with high quality, glossy magazine level photographs we still had to do photo retouching because with the high resolution of the screen you could not have two different colours of the course, which happens naturally in photography; changing light levels of the day, sun in/out, etc.  Everything had to flow smoothly from one animation to the next.
Along with balancing colours and light levels some aspects of the animations required Kevin to be traced around and cut out completely to enable the interactions to work cleanly.


To keep the content fresh and engaging our team came up with a different number of animations.  Pop-ups were created to keep the pages uncluttered but still allowed for all the necessary tips to be conveyed and for photo instructions (i.e. image showing foot /hand/ball placement) to be enlarged to allow easy viewing.
Animated arrows were created to emphasize direction. This was used in both flight paths and for swing movements to show movement and focus.
To make it more engaging quizzes and multiple choices were used to help instill what had been taught. Areas like rules animation was used to clearly demonstrate how to play the ball.
One key area Kevin was keen to demonstrate was the hand placement.  Essential to the golfer because without the proper placement, it really does not matter whether you are perfect with your swing; it will not be very effective if you are holding it wrong! 
To cover this section, we first did this in the normal way with written instructions and photographs, plus Kevin covered it in the video element “setting up”.  However because of the cutting edge technology we are using we recreated a 3D, 360 model of the golf grip (with pop-ups containing checkpoints and tips) which you could rotate and zoom in on.

Physical Distribution

This something that most people do not know about apps. Just like you can buy games from the likes of HMV you can make your own app a physical item to purchase.
Using the assets from the shell app we created a standalone version of Golf2Win "Key to Success" app to enable physical gifts cards to be created.
Using the overall feel and branding of the app and the website, the team designed a gift plastic “credit” card. This was set on a card backing to give it the feel of many gift cards that you buy in high street shops.
These have allowed Kevin to sell these at the golf shows and in pro shops
Other areas the gift cards are being sold is in bulk to golf holiday companies, covers of magazines and on corporate days


First we created and designed a website to promote the app, adding on blogs, app reviews. This is still going strong today - to look at the site go to
A twitter account was set up and is run by our team to promote the app and its blogs and reviews. Next Advanced Digital created a facebook page and a Google Plus page to promote Golf2Win - Key to Success App
YouTube has two promotional videos made by ADL - starting with screen capture of parts the app and intercut it with live action footage to create a promotional video. Titling sequences and music was then add before we uploaded online.
Media - last but not least, we wrote press releases and submitted the articles, along with a free demonstration of the app to both The Golf industry and to related App sites.


Golf2Win was launched in September 2014 to coincide with the Ryder Cup. We created a website for, organised press releases and submitted it to app review sites.
Within its first week of release it was featured in Bunkered Magazine and Golf Links, won “app of the month” and was featured in a prominent app site. It also obtained a number of highly recommended article reviews by professional golfer.
Golf2Win “Key to success” still has a complete set of 5 star reviews. To get your own copy of this app click here


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