The iPad Mini is here
October 29, 2012
Great iPad uses – Sales App
October 31, 2012

Calling all sales professionals, company owners and entrepreneurs – do you remember the old days of doing presentations and pitches when you had to carry a huge briefcase filled to the brim with facts and figures, brochures and the company laptop?

Weren’t you so glad when the iPad came in with their fantastic ability to streamline your whole sales presentation cycle into one easy portable lightweight solution.

But don’t be stuck in the old days of static PDFs – why not sell effectively? Market research has increasingly shown that presentations that contain video and customer involvement is paramount to selling consistently and at a higher price.

With our help, enhance and streamline your pitches (and product brochures) with your very own iPad publishing sales tool to enable you to grow the businesses in an effective manner.

Advanced Digital. Making selling of your company easy.

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