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October 29, 2012
The Financials App
November 9, 2012

The Sales App

Why are iPad Publications so great for Sales?

iPad Presentations outrival the printed brochure and your website because the depth of information that you can demonstrate, the level of connection you can easily generate with your clients and the complete portability of your company brochures.

Few of the most popular reasons are as follows:

1) iPads themselves are lightweight, very portable and have a fantastic battery life.

2) Wifi connection is NOT needed to run your presentation.

3) You can showcase your company to its full potential with stunning interactive pictures, video demonstrations and write ups.

4) It creates an instant bond with your clients – people love to feel involved and explore the interactive elements that the iPad Publications give.

5) Clip straight into the conference’s projectors to present to many without losing any of the features or tripping over laptop cables.

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Next Week: Why iPad Publications benefit companies wishing to make their stakeholders feel more involved



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