Massive Moves

Massive Moves

From the fascinating documentary makers that brought you D-Day as it Happens, Inside Nature’s Giants, Wonder of Dogs and Easter Egg Live, just to mention a few came to us for their multiple short run conversion project.

It consisted of taking 26 digital masters, authoring PAL masters and mastering and converting them into NTSC, ensuring smooth conversion and flow of assets.

Then running off 52 different sets of short run duplication, matching artworks to new masters and assembling into the required packaging and arranging the shipment.

These types of short run duplication make superb show reels and excellent thank you gifts to those involved with making of the films.  Many of our film industry clients us for this because of the swift turnaround times, quality of graphics, printing and conversions, value for money and because we understand that these little gifts mean a lot to those that receive them!

Just a few of our many clients that we have produced discs for:


Work undertaken:

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Project Management

Media Conversion

DVD Authoring

Disc Production

Graphic Design[/well]