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April 16, 2015
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April 16, 2015
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Ten Deadly Snakes

Nigel Marvin, a famous British wildlife presenter, television producer, author, ornithologist and owner of the Bristol based production company, Image Impact, decided to release another DVD in his South America series – to Deadliest Snakes.

His production team came to us with the task of creating an eye-catching design that would reflect the exciting content of the discs. Having built up a rapport with the team over the months prior to the films completion, they were happy to give us free reign over the design of the DVD wrap, the double disc faces and the menus.

As this film had been previously released on TV we edited out the advert breaks and cut the film so it maintained the seamless viewing.

Once Nigel had given it the final sign off, our team finalised all aspects of the double disc set and organised all the reproduction and shipment of Ten Deadliest Snakes.

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