Disc Production
May 28, 2013
Video Production
May 20, 2013

Releasing commercial DVDs and Blu-rays require proven precision


a professional partner that know what they are doing.  There can be NO room for error in this is time driven market, deadlines must be met, originality must show, your directions must be followed!

Take advantage of Advanced Digital’s many years experience in the industry to produce your DVD and Blu-ray catalogue.

Are you looking to create the perfect finish to your DVD or Blu-ray?  We know when you are looking to impress your clients; a well produced DVD or Blu-ray can make all the difference.

Here at Advanced Digital we offer a professional disc authoring service aimed at providing a disc that truly reflects your company and its message. We take your raw elements of video and sound to create a polished image perfect for presenting to any audience. With our ability to create introduction graphics and menus you can engage and excite your audience before your video even starts!

Our Promises

  • We listen to your brief and put all our creative design into every menu
  • You will only have a highly experienced designer on your project, no allocation to junior members
  • We respect your time and budget constraints
  • You will be kept informed of the progress
  • We look after your interests and own the job at every stage

What’s furthermore, we are happy to guarantee the following:

  • What we quote you will be the price you pay – even if it takes us longer to complete the work than originally estimated, you will only pay the price we quoted – not a penny more.
  • You will not be invoiced for the authoring work until completely satisfied.
  • If you have over 2,000 discs replicated with us, your first hour of authoring is free.

And just why do we offer this? We know just how important at getting it perfect is to you so if it needs tweaking, then this is what we do – for free.  Building long and happy client relationships is what we enjoy doing.

So with our you don’t pay until you are completely satisfied guarantee what do you have to lose? Experience ADL’s professional service with no risk – just lots of benefits – to you!

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