Sales Apps
Congruent with existing marketing
Compliments and supports your existing marketing.
Sales Apps
Reliable presentations
Present anywhere there’s no need for WiFi or hooking up to client’s internet.
Sales Apps
Secure and safe
Closed Apps that download directly to designated devices or opened by a key code
Experienced developers
Having your own bespoke sales and marketing app couldn't be easier.



Sales apps are not all about pushing products on to potential clients, but about building your brand, adding value, gaining useful customer insights and creating intelligent marketing data that is current and can be used time and time again.
Brand Awareness
Create creditability with your own clever app and win lifelong customers by building relationships with your target audience. Because we design your app to suit both your sales and marketing efforts you can ensure maximum exposure across your brand and ensuring that you stay at the front of your customer’s minds.
Intelligent Marketing
Your sales app should fully integrate with your marketing efforts; with our range of apps we can create intelligent data to allow you to see who has viewed/favoured/ordered what and when. By integrating this information into your marketing funnel you can intelligently send relevant products that add both value to your clients and profits to your bottom line
Tempting Offers
Another awesome reason to have an app that is congruent to your sales and marketing efforts is to have an app that gives your clients special offers, pre-launch dates, sneak product previews, etc, that are only available via your app, thus cutting our your competition and keeping you at the cutting edge.



Whether you looking to raise product awareness at a tradeshow, present your solution to a customer or enable your teams our bespoke B2B sales apps are the perfect fit for your industry needs
A New Class
Advanced Digital understands the business world, creating the elite enterprising apps that are entirely reimaged and designed for the mobile enterprise. Made for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry and from tablets to Toughpads our bespoke app creation services are designed to empower employees wherever work takes them.
Pure Flexibility
It does not matter where you go or where you choose to present our B2B apps take centre stage. From closed apps that once downloaded never need WIFI again to clever sales apps that pull live information from your content management system.
Future Proofing
Don’t be stuck with just the one choice and then finding 6-12 months down the line and find that it no longer serves your needs or discover you need to create a whole new app for a different team, just because you cannot pull information from the original app. Make it modular and empower all your teams and give your enterprise built in flexibility – you do it with the rest of your software, why not your apps?



from data collection to instantly bringing your products to life our range of B2C apps help you maximise your sales, raise awareness of your brand, bring clients to your events and much more.
Brand Awareness
A mobile app is like a billboard for your business and it can greatly contribute to your brand awareness. You can choose to make it look as you wish from stylish to shocking; purely function to engagingly informative. Whatever you decide, we can create an app with your customers in mind, one that they would love whilst still being beautifully branded.
Direct Marketing Channel
Apps are so flexible. With a bespoke app you can tailor it not just to look beautiful, but to serve many functions: they can provide general info, detailed sales items, prices, booking/sales forms, slideshows, news feeds, user accounts, and much more. The choice is yours.
One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers, including product launches, end of line sales, new events and special promotions, is right at their fingertips
Sales Apps
Multiple choices
Increase your turnover with clever modular options
Sales Apps
Creating visions
Bring your products to life with animations, videos and much more
Sales Apps
Finding You
Putting your company on the map with our mobile enterprise apps
Sales Apps
Tailored to you
Your own bespoke saes app created with our expert designers at your service


Being established business that has continually developed with the times, clients come to us for our innovate ideas, attention to detail and the ease in which their projects are handled. We never view projects as ‘fire and forget’ building partnership, creating trust and synergy is the key to our many years of trading.
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